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Six Weeks Industrial Training in Embedded System

Embedded System

Module 1
  • Introduction To Embedded System
  • Introduction to 8051
  • instruction Set of 8051
  • Working with 8051 and its special features
  • Tools and Techniques required for embedded system designing.
  • Basics of C language & Programming in embedded C language.
  • Module 2
  • Introduction To different type of PCB
  • Circuit Schematic using Schematic Tools
  • Foot Print Selection according to component package
  • Routing Techniques
  • Customize Foot Print Designing
  • Single layer PCB design
  • Advance PCB designing:
  • Multilayer PCB Design
  • Components Placement Techniques
  • Error checking Reduction
  • PCB design for manufacturing
  • Live projects- domain & space available and 6 Weeks Major Projects
    Software programming and Hardware interfacing of devices as follows:-
  • Led
  • Relay
  • Stepper Motor
  • DC Motor
  • LCD Display
  • Seven segment display
  • Digital to Analog Converter
  • Analog to Digital Converter
  • Parallel Real Time Clock
  • Serial Communication between micro-controller and PC & between Two micro-controllers.
  • Programming and Practical implementation of On chip Timers & Counters.
  • Design and Testing of MCS-51 family Micro-Controller Evaluation Board.
  • Daily 2hrs Class Monday to Friday, Free Spoken English and Personality Development Class for Every Student

    Industrial Training

    VSolution Services Provide Industrial Training with stipend based.

    VSolution Services provide Industrial Training for students of B.Tech, Diploma, MCA , as it is very helpful in the developments of professional and technical skills of the students and give them the practical knowledge on various Projects and Programming languages. We provide such Practical Training to the Students which helps them to involve in the competitive World for their bright future.

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    Wi-Fi Lab

    Exeprience Faculity

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